"Act real to innovate success" -Artis


Artis, born Jaquan Tamar Artis Barnett on September 26, 1986, is a multi-talented lyricist, songwriter, producer and recording engineer. At the early age of five, Artis was an avid educational student that always strived to be one of the brightest students in the classroom. He often demonstrated his determination by becoming a frequent straight-A student during his elementary, middle and high school years. He was awarded numerous times for his academic performances and one of his proudest achievements was his acceptance into the National Honor Society during his senior year (2003-2004) of high school.

Artis furthered his education by enrolling at Susquehanna University in fall 2004. Susquehanna University, located in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania was an exciting beginning for Artis as he challenged himself to achieve more academic success on the collegiate level. With aspirations of law school attendance after graduation, Artis would unravel his creative songwriting abilities to his peers and his new art form would take precedence over his desire to be one of the strongest, most educated pupils of his class. Determined to make an impression as a hip hop artist, Artis founded a hip hop group named “B.A.S.I.C.,” an acronym for “Black and Succeeding in College.” B.A.S.I.C. consisted of his college colleagues as Artis, Wapes, Scriptures and DJ Novacaine. They began performing hip hop music during Artis’ senior year of college (2007-2008) and achieved immediate success. They released the group album “Back 2 Basics” on April 5, 2008 and the crowd raved in applause during several college campus performances. People quickly began to witness the true talent of Artis and his passionate connection to his music. He left crowds chanting for encore performances and in awe of his charismatic energy, politically conscious lyrics and commanding delivery.

Artis went on to graduate from Susquehanna University on May 11, 2008 receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. Ensuing Artis’ graduation, he permanently moved to California and B.A.S.I.C. broke up due to long distant residences between each member. Nevertheless, the artistic and outspoken emcee would not take a break from creating more music as he made the decision to pursue his entertainment career full time over attending law school. With dedicated fans in high anticipation for more music from Artis, he immediately began writing, producing and recording new songs for his first solo album, “Barbarian” (unreleased).

During the creative process of Barbarian, Artis was frequently requested to produce additional instrumentals for several independent artists. He remained occupied and spent each day working in the studio from fall 2008 to early spring 2009. Artis was impressed by his own growth as an artist as he consistently wrote innovative songs. He also produced engaging and exciting compositions while aiding other artists with their music endeavors. At that point, Artis felt he could take on more responsibilities in the entertainment industry. He was inspired to create a label that had artists full of enthusiasm, authenticity and intelligence with an underground sound. In the summer of 2009 he founded “Beautiful Noize Entertainment, LLC” (BNE) with his brother AlShan Barnett (NahSla) and the label has taken off since.

In fall 2009, Artis enrolled at the Los Angeles Recording School (LARS) in pursuit of his Recording Engineering Certification and began networking within the industry. At LARS, he experienced working with talented engineers and operating state-of-the-art audio equipment as the Neve 36, Neve 60, SSL 4000 G+, SSL 9000K series and more. He continued to impressive fans with his ambitious attempts to become a household name by working hard. It was at this point where he decided to produce, write, record and release his first official mix tape “Raising the Bar” on December 29, 2009 so his fans could witness his greatness. The mix tape was long awaited and impressively received over 1,300 digital downloads in less than one hour. This was a rewarding accomplishment for Artis and he was thrilled to share it with the BNE artists that also featured on the project: Ming, Madison Kaine, Laz, JBrown and Big Tone.

Raising the Bar demonstrates Artis’ extraordinary gift as a lyricist and composer, as well as showcases his versatility as producer. With just one listen, an individual can tell that he is the true definition of a well rounded artist. Raising the Bar is timeless, containing 17 original songs comprised of hip hop, soul, jazz, contemporary rock and acoustic soul. The mix tape currently has received over 12,000 downloads as the numbers continue to climb. Artis, along with his brother AlShan, have together produced three official music videos from Raising the Bar. These videos include “Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone,” “Feel Me,” and “All In Vain ft. Ming.”

Artis’ music videos have received five star ratings, positive feedback and the creativity of his production, song writing, arrangements of music and lyrics are praised daily. He has also continued to produce projects for his current label mates, as Big Tone’s “Mic Theory” released in Sept. 28, 2010. Artis holds production credit and seven features on this 15 track mix tape for “In My Mind ft. Artis and Q” (co-produced by Artis and NahSla), “Bull Shitting ft. Artis, Ming and Madison Kaine,” “Good Morning ft. Artis and Q,” “Movement ft. Artis, JBrown, Madison Kaine, Ming and Q,” “Exhibition ft. JBrown and Artis,” “Perpetrators,” and “Mic Theory ft. Artis.”

Artis is experiencing a tremendous amount of success as a new underground hip hop artist and the general public has graciously accepted, appreciated and cherished his art form. Artis’ music generated a strong impact nationally, as Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey invited him and his label mates across the country to headline a spring concert for the Black Student Union on campus. On April 7, 2011, Artis moved and entertained the audience and students with his unique musical style and educational concepts. He is an inspiration to all and is a prime example of how hard work, sacrifice, passion and dedication to one’s craft can lead to success. Artis has also provided production to label mate and R&B singer Q, as “I’m Ready [EP]” released June 28, 2011, producing “Wet ft. Ming” on this extended play. Artis, Executive Producer of Q’s LP record entitled “The Pursuit” as well as Ming’s mix tape, “A.M.O.W.— A Man of Words” in which he has several features on the project released on April 5th, 2012. He holds production credit on “A Man Of Words (Intro), Wet ft. Q, Be Like That ft. Q, Want You For Me ft. Lady Maverick & Q, Mindset ft. Artis, Keep Ya Head Up ft. Artis (co-produced by George Soriano), Over My Head ft. Q, Freedom Of Speech (co-produced by Artis), Blank Pages ft. Q, High Raps ft. Artis & A.D. and Celebration ft. Laz & Artis.” More information, updates, music videos and downloads can be found at beautifulnoizeent.com and beautifulnoizeent.blogspot.com. Subscribe to Artis’ facebook page and follow him on twitter, @Jqjbeezy.